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Il Gruppo Lo Conte è leader in Italia nella produzione di farine speciali e preparazioni per dolci.

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The perfect way to make products

Make every product in the best way possible is our strategic asset, and it effects on seeking the best raw material, on a clever production chain management and on a great know-how about production. Our strategy is simple: point to the excellence and to the continuous evolution of grain-based products, in which Lo Conte has been innovator. Selecting the best ingredients, the exquisite or hard-to-find ones, making our products accurately, wrapping them safely, these are taken for granted in our company.

Lo Conte spares no expense making its products! Moreover, to reach excellent results we need right men, able to handle basic techniques, enhance main subjects and refine procedures, learn properly how different ingredients react when they are mixed. Only in this way it’s possible to produce healthy products, able to stimulate the interest in whom is using them. Deep quality and attention to detail are values that tipify our priority: “to do better then anyone else”. Lo Conte Group’s main goal is to make its experience available to the consumer. A experience that is typical of a category leader, with a remarkable product portfolio, built on a patrimony made of brand fidelity.